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JAWOLL SILK superwash – luxury sock yarn, Super soft and silky
This is a beautiful yarn made from Tussah silk and wool from the Corriedale sheep. This type of silk is wild silk, obtained from the caterpillars or cocoons of free-living Japanese oak silk moths. The thread is also a little stronger than mulberry silk – an unwound cocoon usually yields a silk thread between 1200 to 1400 metres long. For JAWOLL SILK, only the finest part of the wool fleece is sorted out during shearing. The average thickness, the diameter of the fibre, is just 25 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) so the wool feels very soft and is very comfortable to wear. The Corriedale sheep live all year round in the natural wilds of Patagonia. Because of the scant food supply, their wool remains white and grows to an average staple length of 10cm. This makes it take dye well, the colours are brilliant, and the finished yarn is highly resistant to pilling (knot forming).

Each cute roll is 50g,  so you will need 2 for a pair of socks.
Due to the superior quality of the fibres this yarn is also excellent for baby or toddler knits, scarves, and shawls

Recently, we have knit Elton Sweater by Joji Locatelli using Jawoll Silk and Lang Yarns Kid Color together… these light and soft fibres make a wonderful sweater for cool summer evenings. To have a look at the shades of Kid Color I have in stock, click here.

Details: Lang Yarns Jawoll Silk – Sock
Fibre Content: 55% superwash wool  / 20% Silk / 25% nylon
Season: All
Yarn Ball Weight: 50g
Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 200m
Tension/Gauge Stitches: 30
Tension/Gauge Rows : 41
Care Instructions: Use detergent without softener.
Recommended Knitting Needles:
Knitting Needle (UK): 11-14
Knitting Needle, MM: 2.5-3.5mm