Sajou 40 Needle selection – Sewing Basket


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Folding packet containing an assortment of 40 needles.
20 sharp sewing needles
20 round point needles for cross stitch, tapestry….


Detail of needles in this packet:
Sharp point: 6:n°5 long needles, 6: n°7 long needles, 4: n°9 long needles, 2: n°3 darning needles and 2: n°5 darning needles.
Round point: 2: n°20 needles, 4: n°22 needles, 4: n°24 needles, 4: n°26 needles and 6: n°28 needles.
Size of packet when closed: 14 cm x 9.8 cm.
Made in France.


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